Main Entrance Wall - KuDeTa, Bali

Richard North-Lewis has provided innovative architectural design and supply services from Indonesia since 1992. We specialise in hotel and restaurant projects, housing projects and private villas - for an exclusive international list of clients; including the new Singapore Airport Terminal 3.

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Singapore Changi Airport
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We are specialists in stone - including stone wall carvings, bas relief, sculptures, statues, signage, buddhas, natural stone and slate swimming pool interiors and exteriors, terraces, fountains, landscape and water features. We provide concept design and supply homes, hotels, lobbies and public art spaces.


We use natural stone from all parts of Asia - including limestone, sandstone, granite and marble. Flooring, cladding and any design in wood, glass, metal and bronze are available. We strive to provide you the very best in quality design and manufacture. Shipping all over the world is no problem.

Background Information

Richard North-Lewis was established in 1994  in Asia to cater to clients who wanted something special in the way of visual arts, be it in stone, wood , paintings or architecture hence the name as in a "Blank canvas" - not very subtle but needs must be.

"An artist in stone" is how Richard would describe himself as he strives to create both massive and subtle pieces of art for buildings around the world. He has chosen to work in the one medium that is permanent and tangible, creating a new tradition of lasting beauty. The artist orchestrates several stonemasons and craftsmen, carving and heaving blocks of stone in design-specific locations, adding zest and grandeur with a difference.

His works are visible in several public spaces, including the Amanjiwo (voted Conde Nast’s most exotic hotel in the world) at the foot of Borobodur Temple, in two Mandarin Hotels in Indonesia, the Four Seasons Hotel in Cyprus, Chinawhite in London, the mammoth stone drums dripping carved rope at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, the avant -garde KuDeTa in Bali which was recently voted the NBC Restaurant of the year, Kanahura  four Seasons in The Maldives, Chinawhite in London, Matahari in Kuala Lumpur, the Four Seasons in Singapore and a host of private commissions all over the world.

Richard feels at home designing and producing works of art with depth and beauty, and has enjoyed the immense challenge of tackling the multifaceted project of the 360 meter long walls in the Arrival Hall of the new Changi Airport, Terminal 3 in Singapore. This is not unlike a three dimensional painting in stone, albeit 360 meters long and five years in the making.

Our company welcomes any serious enquiries to further your projects, be it a private house, hotel, resort, public space or just a beautiful piece of stone for any which way you choose.

Thank you for reading this rather dull piece of prose. However I do hope you will find time to look at some of our works in this website and if it inspires you please get in touch.